Think Skip Bayless is slowly eradicating the fabric of what the founding fathers built this great country upon?  Tired of Colin Cowherd's utterly uninformed, stereotypical, highly offensive social commentary?  Prepared to take a stick of dynamite into your ear canal if you hear Chris Berman grunt just one more time?  Ready to take your pitchforks and pointy sticks to Bristol the next time you hear the name of the Jets backup quarterback?  (And no, I'm not talking about Greg McElroy.)  Have no fear, your day for having your voice heard has arrived.

ESPN is launching what they are calling Fan Central, which is basically a customer service feedback hub from ESPN PR.  It's here where you can ask questions about the wonderful world of Bristol, Connecticut, the enchanted ESPN campus, what Stuart Scott's favorite catchphrase is, and just how do they come up with such creative First Take debate topics.  Oh, and you can ask tough questions too.  From ESPN Front Row… 

"It’s fan service because we’re fans, just like you. We’re just fortunate enough to work here. Trust us, we know how it is. Before joining ESPN, we always wanted to know what life was like in Bristol. We had questions about ESPN programs, live events, on-air talent, the Bristol campus, etc. Like some of you, we always wished we had a go-to source for these answers.

Now you do! Enter the Fan Central team. We’re here to be your answer source, sounding board and ESPN encyclopedia. You want to know about our programs, personalities, history, or anything else, send us those questions and we’ll get you the answers.

Since you’re passionate sports fans just like us, we know you have opinions, ideas, comments, and (gulp) complaints. Send those our way as well. While I can’t promise we can solve all your problems, we will listen, get back to you, or at the very least, make sure the right people hear and/or see what you have to say."

You can contact ESPN Fan Central on Twitter @ESPN_FanCentral or send e-mails to  It'll be interesting to see whether or not this customer service forum actually tackles some of the meaningful questions ESPN faces regarding their journalisitc practices and coverage or if it'll be little more than fluff meant to give the impression of transparency.  Part of me wants to give ESPN the benefit of the doubt with this initiative because in spite of the heavy criticism ESPN faces as the king of the mountain, there are plenty of good people that do good things at the network.

Who knows, maybe ESPN Fan Central will be a step up from the ESPN Ombudsman.

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