The wait was a short one.  After officially leaving ESPN on Friday afternoon, it was announced today by Fox Sports that Erin Andrews has arrived.  Richard Deitsch of SI first reported Fox was aggressively pursuing EA on Friday before the official confirmation from Bristol of her departure hours later.  At Fox, Andrews will host a new primetime college football pregame show and have a role in NFL and MLB coverage and “big event assignments”…

It’ll be fascinating to see what else Fox does with EA besides her college football hosting duties.  Will we see her do sideline reporting for either NFL or MLB games?  Could she be thrust right into the #1 broadcast team with Joe Buck & Troy Aikman?  Fox, unlike CBS, still employs sideline reporters for their NFL games with Pam Oliver currently in that top spot.  Could she do some sideline or hosting work for the World Series?  We’ve seen Ken Rosenthal and Chris Rose amongst others in those roles.  Could there be a spot in entertainment for her ala Michelle Beadle’s new home at NBC?  The perceived rivalry between Erin Andrews and Michelle Beadle will take an interesting turn with the two now having leading roles at rival networks. 

In the span of one summer, ESPN has lost their two most recognizable female stars to NBC and Fox.  In short, the departures of Erin Andrews and Michelle Beadle tell you plenty about the sports landscape.  NBC and Fox need those kind of stars and big names to help lift their coverage and build around.  The juggernaut that is ESPN will simply reload and move on.

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