Here’s an interesting note from this oddly football-centric interview from GQ with rapper Eminem on his favorite or least favorite announcer…

GQ: Is there an analyst on TV that you particularly like or dislike? 

 Eminem: I flip back and forth between ESPN and the NFL Network all day long. 24-7, those two channels are always on. As far as analysts go, I’m cool with most of them. When it comes to calling a game, though, Al Michaels is my favorite. By far. C’mon, everybody misses John Madden. It sucks that he’s retired, but at least we’ve still got Michaels. He is the last of the true icons still calling games. Just hearing his voice, it’s nostalgic, man. It brings you back to when you were a little kid. His voice is ill. I don’t know how long Al Michaels plans on doing the Sunday night games for NBC, but if he retired tomorrow, it would really f*#$ing suck.

Good to know that one of the more popular rappers around has the same general viewpoint as the general public about Michaels being the man. He finished in our yearly Pyrotechnics awards voting for best play by play announcer and is generally recognized as the top play by play man in the National Football League. I don’t know if his voice has ever been described as ill though. We can only hope that we get more Michaels this year on NBC’s coverage of the Olympics in London this summer.

Now, if only Eminem would mention Michaels in one of his songs… or if Al would quote some Eminem lyrics in his announcing…

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