Yesterday during the Knicks/Heat game, a rather routine play in today’s NBA game set Jeff Van Gundy off on a tirade Ian Eagle would be proud to hear.  James Jones of the Heat flopped to earn an offensive foul on the Knicks’ Iman Shumpert, a play that happens seemingly a dozen times a game.  However, it must have been one too many times for Van Gundy, who erupted on flopping ruining his beautiful game.

That was great, a reminder why Van Gundy is one of the best in the business.  Clearly, his only agenda is his own, and he isn’t afraid to thumb his nose at the league office.  His best line was going directly at David Stern’s salary to call him out on his inaction over flopping, although that will probably cost him a $500,000 fine.  Seriously though, both JVG and Mike Breen are correct.  There has to be something done to cure the flopping that has taken over the NBA, retroactive punishments being one solution.  However, it certainly isn’t a problem that can be solved overnight.  Just look at soccer.