Don Cherry is certainly one of the loudest analysts in sports in more ways than one.  There are of course his many colorful outfits and his boisterous opinions that often create controversy.  However, the Hockey Night In Canada star wasn’t always that way.  Puck Daddy unearthed this fascinating clip of Don Cherry 30 years ago in 1982 from a Smythe Division playoff game between Edmonton and Los Angeles.  Think Don Cherry has changed over the years at all?  Here’s before…

And after…

It almost sounds like Don is whispering in the first clip compared to the contemporary version.  The transformation is mind-blowing.  You can barely see glimpses of the analyst Don Cherry was about to become in 1982.  He’s outspoken and blunt in his analysis, but there isn’t the panache and flair and bombast that would follow in later years.  The 1982 clip is like watching a totally different person.  It reminds me somewhat of Dick Vitale.  Just listen to a little bit of this 1983 broadcast.  There are some elements from yesteryear we still see today, but it’s a far cry from Dickie V.

It is fascinating how these notable analysts evolved and developed over the years.  Perhaps the transformation in personalities like Don Cherry is due to the fact that television figures in any realm embrace what makes them stand out from the crowd.  Don Cherry wouldn’t be Don Cherry, Top 10 Greatest Canadian if he had remained a straight man that dressed and talked normally.  Love him or hate him, it wouldn’t quite be the same if 1982 Don Cherry made a re-appearance this week on Hockey Night In Canada.

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