Digger Phelps had a strange Selection Sunday

Selection Sunday was a bit of a disappointment in that there were no considerably zany outbursts from any college basketball pundits lambasting the choices of the selection committee.  In that regard, it’s rather upsetting the committee did such good work in their picks to fill out the 68 team bracket.  There was no Jay Bilas vs VCU drama.  In fact, the most compelling thing Bilas did was pick four #1 seeds to make the Final Four and make fun of the small limb he was going out on.  Charles Barkley and co. were relegated to truTV’s Hardcore Brackets, where the most exciting happening was Seth Davis being allowed (?) to say the word “sex” again on the air.  (Has anyone done a background check on that guy?)  We were even deprived of Dick Vitale’s annual bubble team rant this year.  The Selection Sunday coverage was relatively docile, but thanks to Digger Phelps, there are at least a few clips that make the 2012 version memorable…


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Digger had a strange evening.  First, there was this maniacal laugh that appeared during the studio crew’s national championship picks…

Digger repeatedly mixed up his names calling North Carolina’s John Henson “John Hanson” and most notably touting the abilities of “Graymond Dreen” leading Michigan State to win the national championship.  Graymond Dreen, really.  

You may remember Digger’s disciplinarian rant against Kentucky fans that were “ruining College Gameday” earlier this year.  Well, on Selection Sunday, Digger decided to turn his anger against Kentucky’s basketball team shouting about getting his eyes tested or something (why he’s so angry with UK in the first place who knows).  Rece Davis hit back at Digger and threw in a lovely “listen to me” jab that references Digger’s viral video.  LISTEN TO ME!!  LISTEN TO ME!!…


And finally, there was this exchange between Digger and Jay Bilas about Bilas getting his own Twitter hashtag for the broadcast.  After a tweet was read on the show from Shane Battier, Digger suggested Jay “Twitter him back.”  Digger Phelps, on the cutting edge of social media…


At least Digger still had his matching highlighter and tie, or else I would have really been worried about him.

(h/t SportsGrid, TBL)

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