In this extended discussion with Rece Davis and Hubert Brown on Monday night, Digger Phelps started talking about the Syracuse Orange and how they were going to dominate once center Fab Melo’s academic issues were cleared up for good. One problem: Digger didn’t call Melo by his name, instead calling him Thad Matta. Matta is of course the coach of Ohio State, who plays in the Big Ten, and not the Big East.

In Digger’s defense, Fab Melo kind of sounds like Thad Matta. Well, I guess it does a little bit at least. But the two really don’t have much in common, being more than 20 years apart and not even having the same job or playing in the same conference, let alone on the same team. Maybe the fact that both teams have white jerseys is what threw Digger off. Or, maybe Digger was just having an off night, which happens sometimes. At least his underlying point was good, and not a giant load of garbage.

[h/t: Lost Lettermen]

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