College basketball games played on aircraft carriers are now all the rage.  Fox Sports San Diego will broadcast the "Battle on the Midway" November 9th when San Diego State hosts Syracuse on the USS Midway Museum Aircraft Carrier in San Diego harbor.  The game should be a highlight of the early season, and the broadcast team the local FSN will assemble for the occasion is noteworthy as well for a couple comebacks to the college hardwood.

Fox announced Dick Enberg, who currently calls games for the San Diego Padres, will make his return to college basketball.  Enberg slowly retired from calling national sports, stepping away from the NCAA Tournament on CBS and Wimbledon amongst other events.  For the last few seasons, he's been a voice of the Padres in his retirement years at the local level.

Joining Enberg in the booth is arguably the best basketball analyst in the business, Steve Kerr.  Kerr moonlights with some Pac 12 games for Fox throughout the season in addition to his NBA duties, so his assignment isn't a surprise.  Another surprise though is the sideline reporter for the game – Erin Andrews.  It will be EA's first basketball assignment for Fox, and continues the expansion of her presence at the network.  While her hosting role on the Fox college football pregame has fallen under heavy scrutiny, she's also appeared on Fox's NFL, MLB, and now college basketball coverage.

The game will be broadcasted across the regional FSNs, so it amounts to a national telecast.  While Erin Andrews' increasing Fox assignments is significant, it'll be nice to have Enberg back in the booth for a national college basketball game.  Enberg stepped off the national stage a few years past his prime, but it's nice when broadcasting legends can come back for spot duty on special occasions like this.  It'll be interesting to see how Fox puts together the broadcast with such a high profile announce team and a game that should be worth watching.

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