NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders really isn’t having his best week. On Monday, he tweeted about his estranged wife Pilar attacking him at his house, and mentioned that his children saw the attack on him. Sanders later posted a picture of his kids filling out police reports about the attack, but that picture has since been deleted. Sanders’ wife was charged with a midemeanor assault charge, and Sanders himself was also charged with simple assault yesterday.

With the news that Sanders is also being charged with assault, he goes from being just a victim in the situation to also a charged party. Perhaps more shocking about this is that NFL Network is still going to allow Sanders to take part in their coverage of the NFL Draft tomorrow night as told to Pro Football Talk.

How could the NFL justify keeping Sanders on the air tomorrow night after what happened? There’s going to be a lot of chatter going on about Sanders and his domestic incident, and while it probably wouldn’t eclipse the draft proceedings, it would at least serve as a huge distraction, which the NFL already has plenty of dealing with all of Warren Sapp’s drama. NFL Network is putting themselves in a difficult spot when they don’t have to.  What do they do, awkwardly address it on air with Deion, or just happily live in an alternate reality where nothing has happened?  Given that NFL Network will already have thousands of analysts already on set, Sanders isn’t necessary to begin with. Given the events of this week, the decision to keep him on air is curious at best.  

[h/t: Pro Football Talk]

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