Dave Strader refers to Nashville as “Honkytown” with his series closing line

Tonight the Nashville Predators defeated the Detroit Red Wings 2-1 in Game 5 of their First Round Stanley Cup Playoffs series to advance to the Second Round.  It was only the second postseason series win in franchise history for the Preds as they defeated one of the Original Six members of the NHL.  Veteran NHL play by play man Dave Strader had something prepared for the occasion… that just so happened to be one of the more unfortunate/hilarious puns to close a game in recent memory…


“Honkytown has taken down hockeytown as Nashville wins the series 4 games to 1!”

Honkytown?!?  Yikes.  Of course, Dave Strader is trying to play off the famous Nashville honky tonks for his closing call of the series, but honkytown implies something quite different.  It’s a shame too, because he sounded so convincing in the delivery of that prepared series clinching line.  Strader is a very good play by play man, but this isn’t the first time he ran into a bit of trouble at the end of a game.  Perhaps this is why Jim Nantz has strayed away from being too punny with his calls in the last year.

At least Strader was a bit more subtle than just using this to commemorate Nashville’s victory…


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