barkley le batard

The Miami Heat captured the NBA Championship last night in South Beach cruising to a series-clinching blowout win over the Thunder. Still, there was one particularly terrible bit of unsettled business from last year’s season in the form of an abhorrent bet between Dan Le Batard and Charles Barkley. If you remember these two Adonis’ bet on last year’s NBA Finals with Barkley taking the Mavs and Le Batard taking his hometown Heatles. The stakes were high… much too high…as the loser of the bet would have to appear in public in a speedo.

Unfortunately for everyone with eye balls, Le Batard is a man of his word and did indeed don a speedo. NEGATIVE A BILLION THANKS to Sportress of Blogitude for bringing these pictures to our attention (if you do not want your lunch ending up on your keyboard, then avoid!) of a body-painted Le Batard. The Miami Herald has unfortunate video of the uhh, event as well. The video features bikini-clad ladies accompanying a robed Le Batard as Wreckx-N-Effect provides the ideal ambiance for the event and Barkley is there to witness firsthand the results of undoubtedly the worst bet he has ever made.

I think we all sort of hoped that this challenge would have been forgotten much like the planned PPV one-on-one event that pitted Shaq vs. Hakeem following the ’95 Finals. I remember that well, mostly because I had the cup from Taco Bell for much of my youth that I’ve sadly misplaced that is currently going for a fortune on Ebay.

Wait, what was I supposed to be talking about again? Oh yeah, Le Batard in a speedo. In conclusion, this whole thing was just the worst. I apologize for bringing it to your attention and I humbly offer this clip as a supreme palete cleanser featuring a onetime “War on the Floor” participant combining with a two-time NBA Champion for likely the greatest moment in the history of the NBA.

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