Filling in on PTI, Dan Le Batard was given the simple task of assigning a % that Floyd Mayweather Jr would win a reported $3 million bet he placed on Michigan in their upcoming game versus Alabama.

Kornheiser went with 55% and gave thorough analysis on the spread and the game. Le Batard, with only 17 seconds on the clock to give his answer, went in another direction. 

Considering myself a high quality story teller, I love what I see here. He teases the story for 8 second and then jumps into it with 9 seconds left on the clock. Somehow, Le Batard actually gets through the story in it's entirety in those 9 seconds except for the great ending which he delivers in the seconds after the clock hits zero.  

The story is an A- but that's damn impressive giving it spanned about 15 seconds. Kudos for Le Batard for sharing this rather than abiding by the structure of the show. I have no doubt this story is true given when we last saw Mayweather on television outside of the ring, he was driving around a six figure car with a handful of $25,000 casino chips taking residence in his cup holder as if they were change to be given at the drive thru at Burger King.

Hopefully Floyd realized that a fight with Pacquiao will pay for a lot of pool side beds to nap on. 

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