"Gotta get up there and catch that… that's what you're paid to do… get up there and catch that ball, we need you going!"

Those are the words former Colorado coach and current ESPN college football analyst Dan Hawkins used to describe University of Miami returner Phillip Dorsett failing to catch a punt on Saturday.  Perhaps referencing college players being paid isn't the best analogy to use in that situation.  Maybe the Hawk just got caught in a subconscious moment when he had Nevin Shapiro on his mind.  Or he realized that we should stop this charade about the sanctity of student-athletes and the elaborate facade being pulled off by the NCAA.  Or… Hawkins could have been talking about football players and their scholarships…. bwahahahaha… I had you going there for a second, didn't I?

If you don't do the job you're paid to do, you might as well go play intramurals brother.  You ain't come to play SCHOOL.  You came here to play FOOTBALL.

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