Curt Schilling has returned to ESPN airwaves, but that doesn't mean he has totally put the evaporation of his failed video game company behind him.  The fall of Schilling's 38 Studios has been well documented with the studio laying off all its workers and then going bankrupt in spite of a $75 million dollar loan from the state of Rhode Island.  There's also the matter of a federal investigation that is ongoing and the $89.2 million dollar tab for the good people of Rhode Island.  E-mails have also been published from 38 Studios to the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation pleading the state for film tax credits to keep the company alive.

In spite of all that, Schilling continues to speak out against current Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee.  Chafee took office in 2011 after Governor Donald Carcieri reached his two consecutive terms limit.  Carcieri was the one who organized the deal with Schilling and 38 Studios.  Chafee was the one who as a candidate called the Rhode Island marriage with 38 Studios a bad deal for the taxpayer and called on the EDC to suspend their commitment to 38 Studios.  In August 2010, treasurer Frank Caprio voiced opposition to the 38 Studios loan.  Caprio (a Democrat) was battling Chafee (who ran as an Independent) for the nomination and some thought he changed his tune on 38 Studios because Chafee's tough stance was helping him in the polls.

Perhaps those are some reasons Schilling has blamed the current Governor for the company's downfall thanks to public comments regarding a lack of faith in 38 Studios.  Oh, and Chafee once had the gall to question Schilling's bloody sock.  Clearly that makes things personal.

Schilling took to Twitter to further criticize Governor Chafee as a "dunce of epic proportions" and a "buffoon" in a back and forth with a couple tweeters:

It'll be very interesting to see what that whole story Schilling touts will be because documents have been released that show 38 Studios was already discussing bankruptcy before Chafee's comments in May.  Then there's the charge from investors that Schilling was running a Ponzi scheme.  Is that part of the whole story, or is there even more?  Schilling can call Chafee a buffoon, an ignoramous, or whatever names he wants.  However, from all the information in the public arena, it appears so far that Chafee has had to clean up the mess Schilling, 38 Studios, and the state left in the laps of Rhode Island taxpayers.

There's an endgame for Schilling and 38 Studios and the state of Rhode Island at some point down the road.  For now, Schilling will continue to defend himself, call Rhode Island's Governor names, and somehow amidst all that analyze baseball for ESPN.

So hey, how bout those Nationals, eh?

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