Craig James has had a little bit of time to lick his wounds from his Texas Sentate campaign that fell just short in the Republican primary.  You know, like Furman or Jacksonville State fall just short against an SEC school every year.  James has returned from his shadowy underworld lair to say he’s got plenty of options now that he’s a former Senate candidate.  And, in what is sure to be a well received comment around the sports world, James tells the Houston Chronicle there are indeed television networks interested in his services.  Terrific…

“There are a couple of networks that have called to see what I am willing to do,” he said. “When I resigned in December, I went all in for politics, and I found out how many people enjoyed me as a broadcaster. James said. “They said they would miss me, and I said thank you.”

“I don’t know what I am going to do. Yes, I love sports, but I also feel strongly about staying involved in fighting for public policy.”

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…. ok, stop it, stop it, for real?  Bwahahaha… ok, ok, ok, let me try and control myself for a second.  Deep breath.  Ok.  “Enjoyed me as a broadcaster?!?!”  There were people that enjoyed Craig James as a broadcaster????  Wheeeew.  Whoa.  Wow.  Second deep breath.  Ok.

For the record, James also says he hasn’t been in touch with ESPN and there’s apparently no danger of seeing him on Bristol airwaves this fall.  But… Fox?  NBC?  CBS?  Fox News?  CNN?  Animal Planet?  Cartoon Network?  There are evidently options out there still in play for James although he isn’t specific about whether that would be a college football role or a politics role.

Whatever the case, I fear not only for the future of television, but for the future of our republic if there is actually a network that is considering gainful employment for Craig James after all we’ve been through in the last two years.  However, real human beings evidently exercised their democratic right to send him to the United States Senate, so I suppose anything is possible.

(H/T Bryan Fischer)

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