The following letter was delivered to Ramzy Nasrallah of Buckeye blog Eleven Warriors from the campaign desk of one Craig James.  Ramzy brilliantly donated a measly $5 to the campaign so stuff like this would be more easily available to those of us that know the real Craig James and find his epic failure of a senate campaign delicious schadenfreude.

You see, Craig James needs a little help.  His campaign racked up enough debt to the point he needed to send out an e-mail to donors to ask for even more money.  In the letter, James touts his message not being the problem, but rather time and money.  Naturally, no mention of the candidate's controversial history or the dedication to his own media career as a football analyst delaying said campaign is listed as reasons for failure.  Then again, James has always excelled at revisionist history.

You can check the image of the letter here, and a transcript is posted below:

"Dear Ramzy,

The Primary is now eight weeks behind us and it has given me time to reflect on the lessons learned from the campaign.

First and foremost, the Message we delivered was well received across the great State of Texas.  The issue was not the message, it was time and money.  Each of the other campaigns had been in the US Senate race from nineteen months to two years.  This fact allowed those candidates to raise financial resources and build base endorsements and important networks in political organizations.  It was a good lesson learned.

I want to thank the contributors who helped us raise over $280,000 for the Campaign.  I personally want to thank you Ramzy for your contribution of $5.00.  For the record, I contributed over $300,000 to my campaign.

I will always be honored by the effort of the Staff and the frugal way that the campaign was waged with the resources we received.

Unfortunately, we are left with debt.  It is difficult to raise funds after a defeat.  I was honored to have had your support and I would ask your consideration to make another donation to Craig James for U.S. Senate to help me retire the debt.  Federal law allows an individual to contribute up to $2500.00 and $5000.00 for a couple.

You may donate by mail at:

Craig James for Unted States Senate
C/O Joe Beard, Treasurer
3100 Monticellow Avenue, Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75205"

It's amazing to think the Craig James campaign spent $145,000 for each percentage of the vote they got in Texas.  It's even more amazing that James got 4% of the vote at all.  It'll be darn near miraculous if anyone actually sends any more of their hard earned cash to Craig James and the rubble that remains of his campaign.

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