Philadelphia Flyers announcer Chris Therien made his second notable comment of the playoffs, after going off on Sidney Crosby last month. Over on Twitter, fans were talking about a possible suspension for Flyers player Claude Giroux for his hit on Danius Zubrus of the Devils on Sunday. Therien adamantly shot down the possibility of a suspension for Giroux (and he ended up being wrong, as Giroux will be suspended for Game 5 of the series), and when a Pittsburgh area Penn State fan made a comment to him, Therien crossed the line…


Oh boy. There wasn’t anything really out of line with what the fan said to Therien, as I’m sure Therien has heard much worse than being called unprofessional for being an ass on Twitter (which Therien was, and you can see the tweets that led to the situation over at the Nittany Lions Den). 

Highly respected Pittsburgh area sports columnist Dejan Kovacevic weighed in on Therien, and his response was comically bad.


Really Chris? Making a joke about a child molester is ripping on the school? Yeah, that makes perfect sense. If only, you know, ripping on the school was possible without bringing up a child molester. How hard is that to do if you’re a public sports figure…


Therien really, really doesn’t get it. “It’s not a funny situation, but I still made a joke about it!” Please. At least he made somewhat of an attempt at an apology, knowing he screwed up. He’s somehow managed to alienate the entire state of Pennsylvania outside of the Philadelphia metro area. Next up, Therien insults the Phillies and gets the whole state on board hating him!

[h/t: Nittany Lions Den]

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