(Ed Note: This article written by our Joe Lucia appears courtesy Bloguin's MLB blog The Outside Corner, where Joe is lead editor.  Braves play by play man Chip Caray saw a tweet in poor taste emerge from his account last night with regard to President Obama and the Aurora shootings.  Caray claimed his account was hacked, but does the evidence point to a hack job?)

Braves play by play announcer Chip Caray is an outspoken critic of President Obama on his Twitter account (in addition to his inane commentary on baesball and life), and tonight, he made a pretty big booboo. In response to a tweet from the hugely popular @BreakingNews account quoting Obama in a speech about the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado, Caray used the tragedy to take yet another shot at Obama. But considering the situation that he used to push his agenda forward…. that's a little much.

Of course, Caray immediately started crying about being hacked, despite the fact that he had tweeted something juuuuuuust before the offending tweet went out on the exact same device he was using… yeah, about that. Of course, this called up memories of Caray's most infamous (and awful) call as an announcer.

Personally, I don't care which side of party lines you stand on. But to use a speech in recognition of an American tragedy to further your own agenda? That's a little much.

Later, I recieved a tweet and an e-mail from a reader named Gabe, who had a brief conversation with Caray after the comment was posted.

Gabe's conversation with Caray is an interesing one, because you clearly see "Twitter for iPad" under Caray's tweets, timestamped at 8:54 and 8:58 PM. Oh, and by the way…. the aforementioned response to Gabe is still on Caray's Twitter timeline. Of course, this conversation is in the middle of Caray tweeting up a storm, including a congratulations to Ron Santo going into the Hall of Fame at 8:49 PM. Hacking? Yeah, I'm sure that a hacker is going to be using the same device Caray is using to tweet, along with throwing that random tweet in the midst of Caray's other discussions, in the same style he responded to another RT. Yep, looks like a textbook hacking to me!

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