Charles Barkley gets schooled by softball pitcher

Charles Barkley’s non-basketball forays into the world of athletics are well documented for their humorous failures.  While Barkley’s golf swing is the stuff of legend, it turns out his softball swing is equally as pathetic.  During the telecast for Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals, TNT aired Barkley’s softball challenge against Hall of Famer and gold medalist Michelle Smith.  Watch as Chuck begins by not even getting the bat off his shoulder and then gives one of the weakest swings known to mankind.  At least there’s no pause in the middle of his softball swing though.  Progress!  As the set goes over the video tape, I believe you can also hear Shaq shouting, “YABBA DABBA DOO, B*TCH!”  In a way, it’s the perfect segment to say goodbye to Inside the NBA for 2012…

(H/T Sweater Punch)

Matt Yoder

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