Charles Barkley dresses in drag for WeightWatchers commercial

Charles Barkley has previously been heard discussing his gig as a spokesman for WeightWatchers as “stealing money” when he was caught with a hot mic earlier this season.  WeightWatchers has done wonders for Barkley, not just for his wallet, but for his newly svelt physique.  In his newest commercial, Sir Charles attributes losing 42 pounds to WeightWatchers.  He also begins to earn his paycheck from WeightWatchers… by dressing in drag.  I’m not sure Charles Barkley dressing in drag is something anybody actually wants to see, but it sure does make for an eye-catching commercial.  You have to give credit to Charles for putting himself out there like this.  I just wonder how much time he took to perfect that hair flip…

Matt Yoder

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