Right near the end of this clip, as you see many New York Giants players and personnel kissing the Lombardi Trophy as it makes its way through the crowd, Biff Henderson of CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman gets his hand on the stem area of the trophy, then ducks his head in and plants one on it. Henderson’s CBS eye microphone is clearly visable to the viewers at home.

This really isn’t a huge deal, but it’s pretty funny for Henderson, a former NBC employee and long-time CBS employee with Letterman’s show, to get a brief moment in the spotlight for his former network. Imagine the execs at NBC and their mild horror that the CBS eye got put on TV during the Super Bowl on their network for a hundred million people to see. It’s completely meaningless, but you know people at NBC are probably irritated at this while Biff and Letterman will greatly rejoice at his Super Bowl moment.  Biff’s totally random appearance was just barely the second best celebrity cameo of Super Bowl XLVI.  

H/T Ken Fang

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