CBS Sports Network is taking another step toward establishing itself as a mainstream player in the cable sports programming world. The network is synergizing in an effort to promote its biggest sports property–the NFL–and the process is beginning with the launch of a new show that will focus entirely on the biggest stars in that game.

It was announced this week that NFL Monday QB will premiere on Sept. 10 on the network and run each Monday evening throughout the season. The show will feature three of the CBS' top analysts, Phil Simms, Rich Gannon and Steve Beuerlein, as they review quarterback performances from the previous day's action. Adam Schein of Sirius NFL Radio will host.

It's an interesting approach from CBS, who probably figures that focusing squarely on quarterbacks might be unique enough to pull viewers away from SportsCenter and Monday Night Countdown (or even NBC Sports Talk). 

This is the latest step in the rebranded channel's attempt to join the big boys. They made a splash by bringing in Jim Rome earlier in the year and announced last month that they'd be airing live U.S. Open tennis this summer. Officials also claim there are more NFL programming initiatives to come.

There's a demand for this sort of content that seems to have no ceiling, and NBC and CBS are attempting to up the supply. The key is to avoid talking heads and clichés. I'd like to believe that America is tiring of the same old point-counterpoint, phone-it-in analysis offered up on the majority of these types of programs. 

I don't know if Simms, Gannon and Beuerlein are necessarily the right people to avoid such things, but at least CBS is giving this new enterprise a somewhat specific and unique slant. 

The biggest problem might be that wretched name. Was Monday Evening Quarterback taken?