Much like the Geico Caveman commercials, the E-Trade baby is about 2 hours past his 15 minutes of fame.

During a sponsored segment on the NFL Today on CBS for pregame coverage of the AFC Championship game, the E-Trade baby was a guest. The baby has a conversation that reeks of a rushed script and forcible laughter in one of the most embarrassing segments ever seen on a pregame show. This is exactly what most of us want to see before the one of the highest rated Championship games in 30+ years.

The only thing that would have made this promo entertaining is if they would have shown Boomer’s face while the baby is making his “Hall of Fame-Sike!” joke. I’m sure the look on everyone else’s faces during the segment was shock and awe.

If E-Trade plans on continuing to throw this baby in our face while we pretend its funny, they should at least come out and admit they saved their best material for the big game.