It's amazing how quickly some people in Carolina have turned on the hometown superhero Cam Newton, last year's NFL Rookie of the Year. Last year he only put up one of the best rookie seasons in the history of the NFL. This year he's already had a few questions about his leadership capabilities come his way. Perhaps a wee bit harsh, but this Charlotte Observer cartoon making fun of Cam Newton's famous (infamous?) celebration dance is hilarious nonetheless!

One question that is perhaps worth asking is the comparison between Cam Newton and RG3.  Is RG3 already better than Cam, or is that just an assumption by some in the media due to Cam's less than sterling leadership reputation and actions on the field? I''m not saying he's a "problem character" in today's NFL or anything like that, but he can be kind of a jackass at times. Pouting during games and having to do your Superman act while getting beat will sour your reputation quickly.

It's funny how both players have already had their images built up during their short careers, and how that affects the perception of them as players already.

[H/T: Charlotte Observer]

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