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Calvin Johnson will be the next athlete featured on the cover of the absurdly popular Madden video game series. Megatron defeated Cam Newton in the finals of the 64 player tournament to get the honor. Johnson now gets the privilege of being hounded by questions about if the Madden curse is real and if he will be able to avoid a catastophric injury. Here’s the announcement that aired live on SportsNation with both Johnson and Newton in attendance.

Being from Detroit the reaction here has been rather mixed. There is genuine concern that Johnson, who just signed a long-term contract with Detroit, will be affected by the curse. Others have been more optimistic and reassured that since Calvin Johnson is not a human being that curses will not affect him. There’s also those that have recycled the always fun meme that the Lions should probably go ahead and draft a WR in the first round of tonight’s draft. Good times.

I haven’t picked up Madden in years as I’ve usually been an NCAA guy myself. I think I can only stomach one glitched out football game per year so the news of Johnson on the cover and everybody’s friend Jim Nantz taking play-by-play duties probably isn’t enough to make me double dip.

With that I leave with you with this haunting image of Nantz and Simms’ computer-generated faces staring into your souls. Sweet dreams, everyone!

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