Well, it was bound to happen one of these days: Brett Favre’s Twitter account has been hacked. The brand spanking new account was hacked on Monday, and since then, the hacker has been pretending to be Favre. He finally admitted to being a “parody” account this morning, hilariously misspelling Favre’s name in the process. Favre’s people released a statement saying it was actually Favre tweeting at BrettFavre4 for the first couple days of the account until the hacker took over.

If you’re going to hack a celebrity’s account, you need to go all-in, and instead of pretending to be them…you have to just be an asshole and try to sully their name. What’s the big deal about hacking Brett Favre’s account, and then going on having conversations with people like you’re actually Brett Favre?

The good parody accounts on Twitter say some of the most outlandish, hilarious things, though some parody accounts go over like a fart in church. If you’re going to hack an account, take it over, and turn it into a parody account, at least do it right instead of getting a little creepy, like what happened in the Favre situation.


Some example tweets post-hack included mundane garbage, like “Adele is a really great artist” pictured above. There’s also a tweet proclaiming that Mizzou would “take over” the NCAA tournament (especially odd considering that the real Favre went to Southern Miss, an upper level bubble team), a tweet proclaiming that “No one does it better than @StuartScott and @notthefakeSVP. Love watching those guys,” and of course, a million retweets of fans calling him the best ever and so on and so forth.

I’ll give the execution of the hacking an F. So many missed opportunities.  This moron didn’t even bother tweeting Jenn Sterger once??? Pathetic.

Furthermore, Favre’s account apparently got compromised because of a bad password. I wonder what it was. Probably something like “gunslinger4”. Or maybe it was the classic “password123.” Neither option would surprise me at all.

Favre and his people are still working on getting back control of the account.

[h/t: Busted Coverage]

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