Ryan Lochte is well known around the interwebs for his gold medal swimming talent… and his somewhat-less-than-gold-medal interviewing skills.  On our podcast yesterday, Michelle Beadle talked about her excitement interviewing Lochte and said, "Interview wise, he's a good looking kid."  That's being kind.  Just watch this Access Hollywood segment with Ryan Lochte where he talks about his experience acting on 90210, which somehow still exists in some capacity evidently…


Clearly, Tom Hanks' career isn't going to be in jeopardy any time soon.  But maybe Lochte isn't given enough credit by the internet for his smarts.  After all, he plans to trademark his catchphrase "JEAH!" which is on the verge of a global phenomenon and is so totally better than "YEAH!" and "CHEA!" because it's like… happy… and… you know… good… JEAH!

(H/T SportsGrid)

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