Mike Tyson has been Linsane long before it was even considered a playable word in Words With Friends.  Iron Mike appeared on the MSG halftime show from courtside as a celebrity guest with interviewer Jill Martin for a series of rapid fire questions during Wednesday night’s Knicks game.  The highlights are almost too many to mention.  First, Mike casually swears about the dumbest money he’s ever spent (all of it).  Then, when asked what one thing he would do over, Tyson offers the leading candidate for quote of the year:

“That ear thing was pretty heavy, I wish I could do that over.”

Tyson then offered the second leading candidate for quote of the year when asked if it was true or false that he owned pigeons:

“Yes, I have pigeons, around 3,000, 2,500, yea.”

This may be my favorite interview answer in any interview, just for the fact that it sounds completely normal for Mike Tyson TO OWN 3,000 PIGEONS!  There’s no follow up questions, no awkward pauses, the interview just rolls right along.  

The quote about Holyfield’s ear and referencing his singing and acting gigs is interesting, but the pigeon thing fascinates me.  Evidently, according to this New Yorker profile, Tyson has quite the history with raising pigeons going back to his youth.  But 3,000 of them?  That just seems like an obnoxious amount of clean up time would be involved…

(H/T Guyism)

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