Jose Canseco’s Twitter account has been a source of much joy for sports fans and fans of generally crazy people.  His thoughts on the enviornment, his tweets of encouragement to Bobby Valentine, his confusion over spambots, and his challenges to fight Shaquille O’Neal quickly became the best sideshow going in social media. 

However, today, a visit to Canseco’s Twitter page shows an error and the page not existing.  His insane, lovable Twitter account is currently no more.  Has he deleted the account or is something else in store?  Whatever the case, it would be a sad day if humanity is robbed of Jose Canseco and his Twitter account.  Hug for u, bro, wherever you are.


*Updated: Our prayers have been answered.  Canseco tweeted tonight that his account was deleted by aliens.  Because of course it was.  That was a long three hours.

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