Last season as an analyst for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, Bobby Valentine often spoke his mind and wasn’t hesitant to say what he thought of certain players. One of those players was Carl Crawford, now one of Valentine’s players with the Boston Red Sox. In August, Valentine criticized Crawford’s open stance in the batter’s box, and the outfielder was apparently none too pleased with him according to NESN.

Well, after weeks of trying, Valentine and Crawford finally had a conversation, and all appears to be well in Red Sox Nation. Crawford needs to turn his tenure in Boston around, and can’t have an awful year like he did in 2011.

As for Valentine, let this be a lesson to all of the aspiring coaches out there currently hanging out in the broadcast booth: watch what you say, it might bite you in the ass at the end of the day. For a college coach like Urban Meyer, his players can easily transfer schools if they were that irritated at what a coach had to say in the booth. But in a professional league, where contracts are the norm? Yeah, that could be an issue. Jon Gruden had better watch what he says about some of the worse teams in the league, because he might be at the helm of one shortly. Maybe that’s why he’s gone the safer route of loving everybody.


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