The following videos from Big Ten Network take you behind the scenes with AA favorite Gus Johnson for a recent Northwestern v Michigan State game.  BTN has done something few networks have ever done and centered their basketball coverage around an announcer.  There are plenty of fans that wish Fox would get behind Gus like BTN has done.  However, with Gus largely missing from the NFL, it looks like Gusaholics will have to settle for his college football work with Fox and basketball work with Big Ten Network.

BTN routinely promotes the network as the home of Gus Johnson announcing college basketball games.  Given his popularity amongst young fans and the blogs, it’s a wise move.  Gus is one of the few announcers that fans will actually tune in to watch regardless of the game.  Even outside of Gus Johnson’s popularity though, the three videos below are an interesting look inside how any announcer prepares for a game.

The second segment shows Gus at the arena talking to players and coaches (in a gray Knicks sweatsuit) and takes a look at his announcing boards and the information he uses during a game.  


The third segment is the best though as it shows what Gus Johnson is like during the actual game.  Critics of Gus will say his theatrics are just for show, but the man is the genuine article.  He actually does get as excited as he sounds on a broadcast!  The video shows Gus ringing up baskets, pointing dramatically at timeouts, and getting up out of his chair for a long three at the end of the first half.  That’s why Gus Johnson resonates with the fan as an announcer.  It’s not just his excitement, but his authenticity that makes Gus such a popular announcer.


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