Legendary boxing writer and historian Bert Sugar passed away earlier this week at the age of 75. I came to know of Bert Sugar as the colorful character who was always in various boxing retrospectives and often giving analysis of upcoming big fights. I didn’t know about his advertising career, his law degree, his various business dealings in the publishing business, or the depths of his colorful personality.  

An advertising guru, a sports media kingpin, and respected writer. Little did I know the guy with the hat and cigar was someone I could celebrate as a personal hero. 

Perhaps the best tribute came from a place outside the sports world at current, Countdown’s Keith Olbermann. I’m saddened that so much of his life is new to me and also a bit melancholy that Olbermann has drifted so far away from the sports world where we don’t get much of this flair anymore. If you read the ESPN book, there was consistent praise of Olbermann’s talents from his peers as they viewed him as a prodigal talent. Here, you can see why as he pays tribute to Bert Sugar.

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