Here’s a funny clip from overseas in the English Premier League.  BBC reporter Damian Johnson is preparing to interview Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini after their 2-0 victory over Bolton last weekend that extended their lead at the top of the Premier League.  Instead we hear on the clip below, “It’s Damian Johnson with Mario Balotelli for Match of the Day” as Johnson readies the interview.  Mario Balotelli is certainly not Roberto Mancini, as you can probably tell from the pictures above.  Balotelli is the young, talented, slightly insane Italian striker who has stomped opponents, publicly apologized for visiting strip clubs, and had his own fireworks controversy.  Just this morning, he got in trouble for wearing a hoodie in Manchester!  Seriously.  Perhaps you could understand the confusion, given Mancini and Balotelli are the only two Italians involved with City… if Mancini wasn’t standing three feet in front of the reporter.

The look on Mancini’s face, his nervous laugh, and timidly saying, “I’m Roberto” is the perfect response…


Mancini also added that he wishes he was Mario because of his youth, Balotelli is 26 years younger than Mancini… no word about the fireworks or strip clubs though.

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