Barkley on SNL: Post-Game Translator App The Highlight


Last night, Charles Barkley hosted Saturday Night Live, which you probably knew if you watched either of the two NFL playoff games on NBC and saw him in studio with the crew. The show was a mixed bag, but the highlight was this parody commercial for the “Charles Barkley Post-Game Translator App.”

The gist of the app was to cut through all of the BS in post-game interviews, and for Barkley to tell you what the athlete or coach was actually thinking. In reality, an app like this would be awesome, but is it really necessary? When a coach says, “we just didn’t execute properly” we all know that’s code for “we were sloppy and got whipped.”

Regardless, it was a pretty funny premise for a skit for a show that’s a shadow of its former self. I personally don’t watch the show all that much anymore, but this made me chuckle a couple of times.

Joe Lucia

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