Australian commentator Sam Newman gets his arse kicked by Taekwondo Olympians

John "Sammy" Newman is an Australian football Hall of Famer and the star of The Footy Show, a weekly Inside the NBA style program.  We brought you a video clip from the show last year that featured a man putting his own fake eye in his mouth, so you never know what you're going to get.

Newman is the show's biggest name and much like Charles Barkley, gets by on his controversial opinions and colorful behavior more than his ability to break down games.  The latest involving the 300 gamer from Geelong was his making fun of the Australian Taekwondo team at the London Olympics.  To rectify the situation, two of the Olympians were brought in studio last week to show the 66-year old Newman what the sport was all about.  The resulting arse-kicking was predictably hysterical, and painful for Sam…

And by the way, the AFL Finals start this weekend.