At least the Knicks’ lone playoff highlight is a dunk called by Kevin Harlan

Unfortunately for fans of Kevin Harlan, one of the best announcers at calling exciting plays has been hampered by calling a lot of blowouts so far in this year’s playoffs.  The NBA’s first round hasn’t quite matched the drama of their NHL counterparts.  Anyways, with the lack of exciting basketball (see Knicks/Heat last night) Harlan hasn’t really been able to let loose on any of his trademark dunk calls.  Thankfully, for a brief, fleeting moment, J.R. Smith of the Knicks came through with a ferocious windmill dunk…

Actually that’s the only J.R. Smith highlight from the series that doesn’t involve a turnover or a jacked-up brick.  Here’s hoping there’s more high-flying antics for Harlan to describe later on in this year’s playoffs, and less of Carmelo Anthony clanking jumpers or LeBron James flopping incessantly.