I don’t speak Arabic, so I can’t translate this. But this Arab hoops announcer goes absolutely bonkers calling this dunk as Al Haji Mohammad completely destroys a defender “with no regard for human life!” A quick Googling tells me that Mohammad plays for the Al Kuwait team, and is an alumni of Louisville, where he was a bench player for three seasons. In his 2003-2004 senior season, he averaged 15.6 minutes and 4.6 points per game. Al Kuwait was playing Al Sahel in this game, but I can’t make out the number of the player who Mohammad dunks on.

Back to the dunk. There is so much to like about this clip. First, Mohammad pretty much smashes his defender in the face with a flying knee. Then, the defender does a full back roll before standing up.

And of course, the announcing. It’s just not enough for our announcer friend to go crazy for the dunk, but he has to do it while invoking a 1990’s TLC song (“shoop shoop shoop”), his choice in deity (“Alllllllah!”), and mentioning Al Haji no less than 15 times during this clip.

Announcers of America, take note. You’ve got a hell of a call to beat in 2012.

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