Alabama’s Levi Randolph nearly kills Jimmy Dykes

Check out this clip from last night’s Alabama-Arkansas hoops game in Fayetteville. Alabama’s Levi Randolph is trying to grab a loose ball, and in the process, he throws a pretty vicious flying shoulder block at ESPN’s Jimmy Dykes. Dykes goes down, Randolph doesn’t get the ball, and ESPN gets a monitor destroyed. A job well done all-around. Thankfully, neither Dykes nor Randolph was seriously injured during the play.

Take note of Brad Nessler continuing to commentate after his partner just got leveled. “Jimmy just took a charge…you alright, partner?” Fantastic. Alabama would go on to win the game 79-68 to smash another nail into Arkansas’ NCAA tournament hopes. The freshman Randolph would finish with four points in 32 minutes for the Crimson Tide and Dykes showed a big “valentine” to take that bump.

[h/t:, bmaze]

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