Adam Schefter really can’t talk to you right now

Adam Schefter is really one of the hardest working men in the sports media.  And at no time of the year is Schefter more valuable than the hours leading up to and after the beginning of NFL free agency.  His omnipresence on Twitter (with well over one million followers) and various ESPN platforms yields continuous breaking news.

Even on set, Schefter is constantly attached to his Blackberry to get the up-to-the-second breaking news on player movements.  This makes for captivating television for ESPN, especially up against the 39th showing of those Bobcats/Nets highlights.  However, trying to catch Schefter for a radio interview is apparently a different story.  On Wednesday, Schefter appeared with ESPN Radio Chicago’s Waddle & Silvy to discuss the Bears’ trade for Brandon Marshall.  Things start smoothly with the interview, but not even a minute passes by until Schefter starts trailing off before ultimately baliing on the hosts.  Listen to Schefter’s brutal honesty as he ditches Waddle & Silvy, but not before breaking a story before going on his way…

Give credit to the two co-hosts for handling the quick snub well and getting some breaking news out of Schefter.  As a Chicago sports fan who often listens to the show I can tell you Waddle & Silvy are two of the best and do a great job interviewing a range of sports figures from Charles Barkley to Michael Wilbon to Jay Cutler.  But nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can contain Adam Schefter at this time of year.