With most of the sports world's attention on the opening of the college football season, we shift gears and focus on this week's final grand slam tennis tournament of the season on the podcast. We welcome Aussie tennis legend Rennae Stubbs of the Tennis Channel, NBC, and ESPN from New York to talk about this week's tournament and her transition from playing career to media career. Rennae also chats with AA about…

-Her decision to forego playing at the London Olympics and work for NBC. 
-How she works her humor and personality into her media career. 
-The experience of working for ESPN, NBC, and the Tennis Channel. 
-Andy Roddick's retirement and his legacy and the retirement of Kim Clijsters this week. 
-The present state and future of American tennis. 
-Which favorites have been most impressive in the tournament so far. 
-Picks for the men's and women's draw.

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