As the podcast turns 20 (who would’ve thunk it), we welcome in the voice of hockey in America, Doc Emrick.  Doc is the lead announcer for the NHL on NBC and has called countless Stanley Cup and Olympic hockey games.  This week he’ll be calling two Game 7s in two days in Boston and New York.  In this wide-ranging podcast, Doc chats with AA about…

*How exactly he got the nickname “Doc”
*Favorite moments from his career
*His thoughts on the difficulty calling hockey compared to other sports and his broadcasting style
*The transition to working with an ice level analyst inside the glass and some of the unique challenges that entails
*The rise in ratings and the special qualities of playoff hockey
*How the NHL is handling discipline and the big hits in this year’s playoffs

All that and much more with one of the great play by play men of our generation, Mike Emrick.  Doc is someone I’ve been looking forward to having on the podcast for a long time, hopefully you’ll enjoy our conversation.


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