A new “golf lifestyle” channel is coming to a cable system near you according to the Hollywood Reporter, and one of the founders of the network is none other than Dirty Harry himself, Clint Eastwood.

The network, called Back9 Network, is scheduled to launch later in the spring. Eastwood’s role with the network will include meeting with the company’s management each quarter to go over programming choices, as well as talent for the network. Eastwood owns the Telama Golf Club in Carmel, California, and is one of a few investors in Pebble Beach, one of the most famous courses in the world.

Eastwood has reportedly already viewed the pilots that the network has already produced, and been interviewed by LPGA tour golfer (and model) Anna Rawson for a show called You’re So Money

Some of the other pilots that the show has produced already include Extreme Golf (which is apparently a reality-style show with celebrities golfing in bizarre locations), Lucky Me With Jackie Flynn (which features a comedian I’ve never heard of visiting fancy golf courses…I guess the gimmick of the show is that Flynn is a blue collar comic and there will be ZANY ANTICS as he goes to a high-class course), and Hole Lotta Love, a reality show where a guy or gal plays golf with prospective mates and eliminates them by each hole.

One would think a startup golf channel faces an uphill battle in the marketplace thanks to the presence of the GOLF CHANNEL. Also, this programming sounds completely terrible. When I watch golf, and the Golf Channel for that matter, I watch it to escape from the oodles of horrendous reality shows and gimmicks that populate television everywhere. When I’m watching golf, I want to relax, not wonder why in the hell Frank eliminated Jenna from their dating contest after she bogeyed the third hole. 

[h/t: Hollywood Reporter]

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