While normally we laugh at First Take for its unmatched ridiculousness in pioneering the sketch debate genre (like Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith fighting for the affection of Kevin Durant’s mom), the following video is actually legitimately funny.  Its basis is another in a long line of great ESPN commercials featuring the wrong Michael Jordan.


The First Take spoof features someone named Skip Bayless running into closing doctor’s offices, restaurants that won’t let him in, angry people (other ESPNers) knocking at his door, and a bowl of fish heads.  Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless himself make an appearance at the end of the video as well…


At least ESPN acknowledges and pokes fun at the fact that Skip Bayless is far from the most likable personality on the network and Skip can make fun of himself.  It’s almost, dare I say, humanizing.  Who knows, maybe we’ll see a kindler, gentler Skip Bayless if First Take’s ratings continue to fall.

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