There are numerous legitimate choices for best sports movie of all-time.  Caddyshack.  Major League.  Hoosiers.  Rocky.  The Fan.  I'm hoping the new movie "42" about the life of Jackie Robinson joins that elite list because it's one of the greatest real-life sports stories ever seen.  In fact, it's almost impossible to think it's taken this long to make the definitive biopic about Robinson.  Finally, "42" is on its way to theaters next April.  Judging by the trailer, there's definitely great potential on display with Chadwick Boseman playing Robinson and Harrison Ford portraying Branch Rickey.  Although the Jay-Z soundtrack doesn't quite fit the time period, at least there are no facepalm inducing baseball puns.  I'm looking at YOU "Trouble With the Curve!"

(H/T Hall of Very Good)

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