In this week’s Straight Outta Stockton awards we had not one, not two, but three separate ties in the voting.  Ironically, somehow the quotes that tied for second place both related to Dan Fouts.  Phil Simms maintains a slight lead over Brian Billick with Mike Tirico and Dick Stockton also picking up points.  The envelope, please…

T9) “Soon the Buccaneers are going to think about using their timeouts on defense.” – Dick Stockton (via BloggerJustinF) after TB called TO

T9) “I know these Packers fans are from California because they have shirts on.” –Brian Billick (via bjo109)

T9) “no challenge flag yet….” – Joe Buck (via the506) as Belichick throws the red flag out on screen.

8) “You never know what you’re gonna find in one of those ovens” – Joe Buck wtfovensarepredictable (via TheZaharaDesert and bonus pts for the hashtag)

T6) “It’s hard to score from inside the one.” – Phil Simms (via csolomon15)

T6) “Ricky brought in to give Ray Rice a blow from time to time.” – Al Michaels (via briguy17) Ricky Williams?  Blow?  Bwahaha.

5) “Picking up 1 yard… or 9 I should say!” – Dick Stockton (via AA)

4) “If you are converting 3rd down at 53%, you have over a 50% chance of getting a 1st down.” – Brian Billick (via TheLoadedOne)

T2) “Dan Fouts fumbled the game away for Chargers.” – Bob Griese (via sa9273) just off by a few years.

T2) “Another great defensive stand by the Browns.” – Dan Fouts (via SchmanthonyP) as the Texans kick a field goal to make it 27-3 Houston

1) “The Eagles with two touchdowns in less than a half minute, and we’re all even at 10.” – Mike Tirico (via everyone watching the game) Um, Mike? The Eagles only scored 10 points.

Week 9 Top 5 –

1) Phil Simms 28.5 pts

2) Brian Billick 27 pts

3) Mike Tirico 19 pts

4) Dick Stockton 15 pts

5) Chris Berman 14 pts

Others receiving votes – Jon Gruden 12 pts, Scott Hanson 10 pts, Jim Nantz 10, Cris Collinsworth 9 pts, Rich Gannon 9 pts, Dan Fouts 8.5 pts, Bob Griese 8.5 pts, Troy Aikman 8 pts, Dan Patrick 7 pts, Jim Mora 6 pts, Daryl Johnston 5 pts, Tim Ryan 5 pts, Al Michaels 4.5, Joe Buck 4 pts, Warren Moon 3 pts, Terry Bradshaw 3 pts, Thom Brennaman 2 pts, Tony Siragusa 1 pt, Dan Dierdorf 1 pt.

The Full Week 10 NFL Announcing Schedule will be coming soon, where you can find the dates and times of games and all the announcing pairings as well.  Then, make sure you check back every Sunday when the fun begins for another week Straight Outta Stockton!

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