As we hyped the brewing Billick/Simms duel in last week’s awards, this week it’s the former Giants QB that vaults to the top spot in the Dickies standings.  In fact, the quote that comes in at #3 this week is so good it should go on Simms’ announcing tombstone.  Elsewhere, I’m a bit surprised Mike Tirico mistaking Norv Turner for Ted Turner rates so much higher than Terry Bradshaw calling Ryan Fitzpatrick, “Ron Fitzgerald.”  Oh, well.  At the pole position for Week 8’s Dickies, it’s Simms that provides the rebuttal to this week’s winner, his broadcast partner Jim Nantz.  The envelope, friends…

10A) “And right now the crowd is saying ‘Release the Kraken’!” – Dan Dierdorf (via sa9273)

10B) “And the Kraken is on the loose.” – Dan Dierdorf (via CK29).  He sure loves his Kraken…

9) Al Michaels: “Herremans is like the Swiss Army Knife of offensive linemen.”
Cris Collinsworth: “I called him a tool in the meeting earlier.” (via BloggerJustinF)

8) “Quarterback Ron Fitzgerald, Buffalo, he will reward that Buffalo franchise for giving him that contract. Big day…” – Terry Bradshaw (via AlexFromBuffalo) Just all wrong.

7) “And a timeout is called for delay of the game. Excuse me.” – Dick Stockton (via ClarkbarTweets)

6) “St Louis will try to spread them out here and then slide it in.” – Tim Ryan (via bjo109)

5) “Ponder thinks about Harvin. Harvin doesn’t have to Ponder the throw.  That sets up the veteran, he’s been around a LONG time, Ryan Longwell.” – Chris Berman (via CK29) in rapid succession on The Blitz

4) “Bills in Toronto, there’s the Space Needle.” – Dan Patrick (via bjo109)

3) “I’m trying to guess run or pass but I’m wrong on every play” – Phil Simms (via jackbutler505)

2) “Ted Turner takes the timeout” – Mike Tirico (via Frigidevil)

1) Jim Nantz: “What a heads up play!”
Phil Simms: “Well, that’s illegal.” (via several)

Week 8 Top 5 –

1) Phil Simms 24 pts

2) Brian Billick 19 pts

3) Chris Berman 14 pts

4) Jon Gruden 12 pts

5) Scott Hanson 10 pts, Jim Nantz 10

Others receiving votes – Mike Tirico 9 pts, Cris Collinsworth 9 pts, Rich Gannon 9 pts, Troy Aikman 8 pts, Dan Patrick 7 pts, , Jim Mora 6 pts, Daryl Johnston 5 pts, Tim Ryan 5 pts, Dick Stockton 8 pts, Warren Moon 3 pts, Terry Bradshaw 3 pts, Thom Brennaman 2 pts, Tony Siragusa 1 pt, Dan Dierdorf 1 pt.

The Full Week 9 NFL Announcing Schedule will be coming soon, where you can find the dates and times of games and all the announcing pairings as well.  Then, make sure you check back every Sunday when the fun begins for another week Straight Outta Stockton!

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