Your Week 13 Dickies Winners And Updated Standings


Dick Stockton makes a charge this week with a great showing in the Straight Outta Stockton vote to extend his lead.  Chris Berman and Brian Billick also highlight this week’s list.  Down to the last month of the season, and this week’s group of Dickies winners may be the most enjoyable yet.  The envelope, please…

10) “if that was a pass down the field it would have been pass interference” - Phil Simms (via dmitsch15) describing a block on a punt return.

9) Brandon ‘Our Prices Are In’ Saine” - Chris Berman (via CMehring) jumping the shark for 17 years running.


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8) “Tom Brady is half quarterback, half coach, half coordinator.” - Rich Gannon, no wonder Brady’s so good, he’s 1.5 people! (via markgoodman10)

7) “This is an aroused Cardinals defense we are seeing here today.” - Dick Stockton (via PTNetherton)  Eww…

6) In summary, today Brian Billick has called Jared Allen “Gerald”, Brian Dawkins “Darryl Dawkins”, and Big Ben as “Roethlisbooger.” Amazing. (via AA)

5) “Arian Foster Houstonian for beer” - Chris Berman (via AA) in the most bizarre Australian accent known to humankind.

4) “Hand off to Wells! Kolb can’t find any one. Incomplete.” - Dick Stockton (via TheBrain2177)

3) “You see a lot of head coaches handle the playcalling but you don’t see a lot of head coaches handle the playcalling” - Jim Mora (via ShutdownLine)

2) “They should let Michael Vick take a shot at the end zone here.” - Brian Billick from Broncos/Vikings (via sctvman)

1) John Lynch: “Dez Bryant slipped there.” 
Dick Stockton: “Yeah, and so did Dez Bryant. You wonder if there’s a problem.” (via SportsByDallas)

Week 13 Top 5 -

1) Dick Stockton 75 pts

2) Brian Billick 47 pts

3) Phil Simms 46.5 pts

4) Jon Gruden 44 pts

5) Mike Tirico 28 pts

Others receiving votes - Chris Berman 23 pts, Dave Lapham 14 pts, Jim Mora 14 pts, Dan Dierdorf 13 pts, Rich Gannon 12 pts, Joe Buck 11 pts, Cris Collinsworth 11 pts, Terry Bradshaw 10 pts, Scott Hanson 10 pts, Jim Nantz 10, Dan Fouts 8.5 pts, Bob Griese 8.5 pts, Troy Aikman 8 pts, Dan Patrick 7 pts, Mike Mayock 6 pts, Daryl Johnston 5 pts, Tim Ryan 5 pts, Al Michaels 4.5, Bob Costas 4 pts, Warren Moon 3 pts, Marv Albert 3 pts, Keyshawn Johnson 3 pts, Chad Pennington 2 pts, Thom Brennaman 2 pts, Tony Siragusa 1 pt, Ron Jaworski 1 pt.

You can check out the Week 14 NFL announcing schedule here.

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