Time for rejoicing this week because the man that bears the name of our NFL Pammy Awards has finally won a weekly crown!  Dick Stockton takes top spot this week The envelope, please…

10) “Jason Snelling ‘Salts'” – Chris Berman (via AA) grasping at nicknames.

9) “D’Brickashaw Ferguson is one of the best pass rushers in the game” – Cris Collinsworth (via Bflo360)

8) “The wheels are coming off their snowmobile.” – Dan Dierdorf (via Dan_Ciarrocchi) on Buffalo’s season.

7) “If you want to be a good point guard, you have to have some turnovers…” – Phil Simms (via MCamerlengo)

6) “Both of Skelton’s interceptions have been in the red zone.. of his own territory..” – Dick Stockton (via JoshuaBatelli)

5) “And this throw against Atlanta, I fell off my bed. I almost hit my head and died.” –Jon Gruden (via GreatScottsman) to Aaron Rodgers

4) “Great punt by Weatherford.” – Joe Buck (via StPOConnor) during a 29 yard punt that reached midfield

3) “The Packers quarterbacks coach spends a lot of time teaching the quarterback position.” – Jon Gruden (via CaptTouchback)

2) “That is how you drop a load on somebody.” – Dan Dierdorf (via JoeCNC)

1) “Ken Whisenhunt and Andy Reid in a robbery that has been dead even down through the years.” – Dick Stockton (via CK29) I’m not even going to try and guess what this was supposed to mean.

Week 10 Top 5 –

1) Phil Simms 32.5 pts

2) Dick Stockton 30 pts

3) Brian Billick 27 pts

4) Jon Gruden 26 pts

5) Mike Tirico 19 pts

Others receiving votes – Chris Berman 15 pts, Dan Dierdorf 13 pts, Joe Buck 11 pts, Cris Collinsworth 11 pts, Scott Hanson 10 pts, Jim Nantz 10, Rich Gannon 9 pts, Dan Fouts 8.5 pts, Bob Griese 8.5 pts, Troy Aikman 8 pts, Dan Patrick 7 pts, Jim Mora 6 pts, Daryl Johnston 5 pts, Tim Ryan 5 pts, Al Michaels 4.5, Warren Moon 3 pts, Terry Bradshaw 3 pts, Thom Brennaman 2 pts, Tony Siragusa 1 pt.

The Full Week 11 NFL Announcing Schedule will be out later today, where you can find the dates and times of games and all the announcing pairings as well.  Then, make sure you check back every Sunday when the fun begins for another week Straight Outta Stockton!

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