Your Latest Tim McCarver Mashup Of Awfulness

Our pal Tim Burke of SportsGrid has done it again, putting together a highlight collection of various puzzling analysis, befuddling statements, and general lunacy from MLB on Fox analyst and AA Mount Rushmore inhabitant Tim McCarver.  McCarver was reunited with play by play man Joe Buck for Saturday’s broadcast of Cubs/Cardinals.  I’ll let you read the details from Tim’s excellent article here, but just know that Joe and Tim blew up our Twitter feed on Saturday (as usual) and one of their more laughable moments was a discussion of the “great job” Mike Quade has done managing the Cubs this year.  The same Cubs that are 43-65 and have the second worst record in the NL.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is your #1 baseball broadcasting team in America.  Sit back and enjoy what has become of MLB on Fox…

My only request to Tim is that he do a Dick Stockton tribute next week… 


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