Your Full 2011 NCAA Tournament Announcing Schedule For Sweet Sixteen Action

Here is your full Sweet Sixteen schedule with announcer assignments. I am not too thrilled with Reggie Miller joining Gus Johnson …


Jim Nantz/Clark Kellogg//Tracy Wolfson

Marv Albert/Steve Kerr//Craig Sager

Verne Lundquist/Bill Raftery//Lesley Visser

Gus Johnson/Len Elmore/Reggie Miller//Marty Snider

Thursday, March 24

7:15PM           CBS              Anaheim I            (2) San Diego St. vs. (3) UCONN      Lundquist/Raftery//Visser

7:27PM           TBS               New Orleans I    (2) Florida vs. (3) BYU                        Johnson/Elmore/Miller//Snider

9:45PM           CBS           `  Anaheim II         (1) Duke vs. (5) Arizona                       Lundquist/Raftery//Visser

9:57PM            TBS              New Orleans II  (4) Wisconsin vs. (8) Butler                   Johnson/Elmore/Miller//Snider

Friday, March 25

7:15PM            CBS             Newark I             (2) UNC vs. (11) Marquette                  Nantz/Kellogg//Wolfson

7:27PM            TBS              San Antonio I      (1) Kansas vs. (12) Richmond               Albert/Kerr//Sager

9:45PM            CBS              Newark II           (1) Ohio State vs. (4) Kentucky           Nantz/Kellogg//Wolfson

9:57PM            TBS              San Antonio II     (10) Florida State vs. (11) VCU              Albert/Kerr//Sager